Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Albert's birthday to me.

I'd laid around and slept so much on Friday that I ended up being awake most of the night. I sat in my computer chair doing "fluffy" web surfing. That's just clicking randomly on things to pass the time.

Of course no one else is on facebook at 3 am, making phonecalls wasn't really an option, and I didn't have the energy to pull out my paints and whip up a masterpiece watercolour to hang on my new walls.

I received an e-flyer from Superstore and began to flip through it. The coupon this week was for $35 dollars off ... if you spend $270. Somehow I couldn't imagine wandering the hallowed halls of Superstore piling that many groceries into a cart. That is until I "flipped" to the last page of the digital flyer - where they were advertising a Wii for, you guessed it, $270.

It's moments like this that my brain is able to process about 84 simultaneous thoughts:

Hey, I need one of those
Superstore opens at 7 am
It's Albert's birthday today
But he got a hot tub for his birthday
My boss charged me less for the hot tub than I was expecting that should mean I have more disposable income. Right??
If I really don't use it, one of my kids would take it off my hands
I'll probably feel better if I get dressed and get a bit of fresh air today
They say using a Wii indeed qualifies as exercise
I need more exercise to get healthier, I am fighting cancer after all

Yes, there's a little insight into the twisted thought processes of Liana. And that's exactly how I came to use my $35 savings coupon before 8 am at Superstore this week. Perhaps Albert should have left me with a chaperon on Saturday as well.


carmenrose said...

Oh my gosh did you manage to get Wii Fit too? We've been looking forever! I love my Wii.

elzee said...

try arriving at superstore at 7 am the morning the flyer starts :)

truthfully, i had no idea it was a hotly sought item or i would have grabbed a few of them. i think they were unloading 12 of them when i was there.

Anonymous said...

YES!! I have peed myself at my work!


Anonymous said...

oops wrong comment for wrong blog...

congrats on the wii though!!

have I sent you my christmas list yet?


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