Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yeah, we're Cutting offspring. Welcome aboard.

Dad, Mom and Jennifer arrived the other day for a little gathering of the clan. During the girl's shopping outing I mentioned to Mom that I was having trouble finding a particular item for the wedding.

"Oh, I have one of those in my dress-up box left over from my Value Village days," she replied. Last year, Connie had salvaged the dress up box from certain return to whence it came.

We were starting to wind down an evening at Tim and Connie's filled with eating, yakking and swatting mosquitoes, when I remembered the dress-up item. And out came the Tickle Trunk. We had a great time of hilarity as we gathered in the guest bedroom and costumes were hauled out and posed in. Cameras flashed and blackmail threats were made. Eventually, I found the item I needed and we started to pack up the wigs and costumes.

As a final hurrah, Jade picks up a pink plaid item of clothing, holds it up and wiggles her butt in a sarcastic little dance as if to say, "What on earth could this be used for?"

Aunty Connie gasped. She sputtered. She pointed. And she let out a great Cutting Mwah-ha-ha.
"Th-that, that's grandma's nightie you just picked up off the bed!"

Well, as you can imagine that set off fits of laughter from all who were present. Poor Jade. She nearly died of embarassment. I felt bad laughing at her. Really I did. But it was hilarious. We laughed till we cried. Some of us peed.

"What would you use this ridiculous rag for???"

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