Thursday, February 3, 2011

That'll teach ya

So tell me, how many phone calls or texts have you gotten from Jed this week? (Or that unknown number ending in 6244?)

When Kerri got back from Texas a couple of months ago, her iPhone wouldn't work in Canada so I lent her my old cellphone until she could get a new one. She returned it last week - with a large credit on it, which expires sometime in the middle of February.

I thought, "What a great opportunity to see how Jed would handle having his own phone."

Everyone else thought, "Damn!"

I glanced out the window this afternoon and saw a loader coming down the street. Weird. Sometimes they follow a grader, but this is not a through street so it's unusual to see one when the streets don't need plowed.

The city actually did a pretty decent job of keeping our streets cleaned off during those huge dumps of snow a couple of weeks ago. And the loaders piled up all the gathered snow at the edges of everyone's driveway. It was a bit tricky to see oncoming traffic for a few days, however it warmed right up and rained for a couple of days, bringing the banks down to a managable size.

As I watched the loader, it passed my house, stopped at the neighbour's driveway, turned around and came back to our house where it proceeded to spend 20 minutes cleaning the banks from the end of my driveway (even coming right into my driveway) and dumping all the snow on my front lawn. He went to my next door neighbours' yards and scooped up any banks they had and dumped them also on my front lawn.

Then he drove away. And for some reason I think I saw a thought bubble just above his loader as he drove away, "That'll teach ya!" it said.

So yeah, Jed got tired of scrolling through and calling all the contacts on his phone so he started phoning people like the city. And complaining that they did a crappy job cleaning the streets and we couldn't see past the end of our driveway and it was a danger to society and they needed to get their act together.

Guess they took him serious. Mine and my neighbour's driveways are cleaned right up. And we won't see grass in the front yard until June, I'm sure.

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