Sunday, February 6, 2011

Still a weirdo...

The marathon is over.

I really hadn't intended it, but I simply forgot. Sorry.

And you know this is just "the thin edge of the wedge" or the first step on the "slippery slope" of blogging sporadica. (Yeah, I made that word up. But I like it and I'm sure it'll become a permanent part of my vocabulary)


elzee said...

Hey, I'm not sure what happened here. Most of what I actually blogged did not post. hmmm.

Oh well you got the song - my current favourite that gets stuck in my head for days, you'll have to make up the rest of the story for yourself.

GraceeJ said...

I LOVE KT Tunstall!!!!
L.O.V.E Her!!!

Words. The most powerful source known to humanity.

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