Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is there something wrong with this picture?

I'm sure if you haven't already heard this week about the mass execution of the sled dogs in Whistler you must be living under a rock.

I do not condone this behaviour and am shocked and disgusted by it. And truly I hope that appropriate punishment is metered out. But think about it...

The guy owned the dogs. He knew he was not equipped to continue to provide care to them. He couldn't be bothered to find loving homes for them. So he killed them. His choice. And the world is up in arms - offering death threats and screaming for the maximum penalty.

That very same day (and every day previous and each day since) approximately 250 women, in Canada alone, make the same decision for their unborn children. They own them. Don't feel equipped to deal with parenthood. Couldn't be bothered finding loving homes. They kill them. It's their choice. We applaud them.

Is there something wrong with this picture??

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GraceeJ said...

Makes me ashamed of my race.

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