Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I went into work for a couple of hours this morning. My boss hasn't said anything to me but apparently she complains regularly that she should never have agreed to lay me off for a couple of months. I, on the other hand, am loving it! Although my Visa would really appreciate my EI cheques to start flowing in. Stupid Revenue Canada.

I received a notice within days of initiating a claim giving me my online access code and reminding me to submit my ROE (Record Of Employment) I've been regularly logging in online to submit my weekly reports. Each time, the website reminds me to submit a copy of my ROE. However, at no time have they instructed me "where" to submit my ROE. I have spent hours - and yes, I mean HOURS at the Service Canada website, Googling and on the phone pressing 1 for english etc and NOWHERE is this information available.
(If you can find this info and publish it in the comments I will give you a dollar!)
Then the other day I got another letter stating that I must submit a paper version of my roe IMMEDIATELY! Then it goes on to tell me how to submit an electronic weekly report (I've been doing them for 5 weeks) It gives me a phone number to call to get information on my payments. (Which they will not start until I submit an ROE) It gives me a webpage to enroll in Direct Deposit. (Which I already have done) Not one teeny tiny mention of how the heck to submit an ROE - the sole purpose of the letter.
Finally, I drove downtown and found a Service Canada building, freaked out (in the nicest possible way) on the receptionist, waved my ROE in her face, along with their information-less letter, and kindly asked what I was supposed to do with it.

"Oh, it doesn't go here. But I will take it and forward it on." Still NO mention of where "on" was. But truthfully, she was super friendly and actually guided me to a suggestion box and gave me a pen to fill out a card. Bless her heart.
The card didn't have nearly enough writing space, however I think possibly they got the gist if what I meant. Now gimme my money.

Funny how blogging goes. I totally did NOT sit down to whine about Revenue Canada. I wanted to tell you how I was loving being off work and that I'm taking my regular painting classes on Tuesdays, and tomorrow I'm taking an all day watercolour seminar, and that I made scads of greeting cards as part of a little "pay it forward" homemade craft group I commited to on Facebook. And how I wanted to know if I made a bunch more, would people actually pay me for them -with money going towards Relay for Life. But alas I got sidetracked ranting on like a lunatic. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

you have to go downtown and submit it there

mari said...

Yes, I would buy cards!

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