Jade is a rock.

Well actually jade is a semi-precious stone. But my Jade is a rock. A precious rock.

At only 25 years old, she plays the role of matriarch in her family, and has for quite some time. She prides herself in the trait she most inherited from her mom who passed away in 2006. An open door policy. If anyone needs a place to stay, they got it. Ken and Jade's little 800 square foot house with no basement has shown more hospitality in a year and a half, than I'll probably ever extend. There are times when I am sure the people are stacked 3 deep just to make room.

And she is a peace keeper. Old and young alike come to her for guidance. They come to her in fights with others. They come to her just to escape. They come to her for support. And they come to her hoping she'll take sides. She rarely does. But she takes control.

This poor child has been through a lot in her young life. The last 2 weeks top the list. She has experienced the death, 12 days apart, of two of the closest people to her. Her sister Angie and her cousin Savoryanne who was more like a sister or even a child to to Jade. Both were in her wedding party just 10 months ago.

And the family counts on Jade to be there for everyone. And she is. But I worry. She is only 3 months into motherhood and obviously is grieving terribly herself, but she keeps on keeping on. The peace keeper, the decision maker, the guidance councilor, the rock.

God bless her abundantly. Please pray for my precious little rock.

Rest in peace Angie and Savoryanne.....


mari said…
I suppose it is a blessing that they were both able to attend her wedding before passing on...
Anonymous said…
RIP Savoryanne, im sorry for everything

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