Friday, May 29, 2009

Buck up!

You know the saying. "Small things amuse small minds." I have a small mind.

Back in January when I had been sick for a couple of weeks, I blogged about Buckleys and the contest they run for the Buckley's ugly face. Cuz it's aweful. And it works. Well I entered the contest in a moment of boredom.

The contest ends June 1st. And I am actually somewhere near the top in the ratings. This is cool. I think. Anyway, if you are amused by ridiculously trivial things, please go watch my "Buckley's Mash-Up Video" and at the end you can click on the "five bottle" ratings to increase my chances of becoming rich and famous making ugly faces on tv for Buckley's.

1 comment:

b said...

very cute. not surprisingly I voted for you:)

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