Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wanna buy a goat?

A couple of months ago I acquired a farm. Not a real farm, but a virtual green square that came with a virtual hoe and $200 virtual dollars with which to buy virtual seeds. As so began my addiction to Farmtown on Facebook.

I soon found myself planting and harvesting crops and hiring virtual strangers to work on my farm. Many Farmtown users focus on cramming as many plots of seeds and fruits trees onto their farm as possible to increase their cash flow. Cash flow was never my focus. I just wanted the prettiest farm.

I like the look of the fruit trees all laden with fruit and would instruct my virtual hired hands not to pick the fruit ... only the the vegetables. Occasionally some jerk would forge ahead and pick my fruit anyway. It takes 4 days to grow them back, so this was unforgivable. I quit hiring strangers and instead lured my friends and family into becoming farmers so I could hire trust worthy help.

I almost feel guilty that now a substantial portion of my Facebook contacts have become addicts themselves.

And now I'm getting bored with it. Oh, there are more levels I could attain. But I have my house, my barn, my river and other milestones I was aiming for. I've bought all the acreage available and I'm getting bored with endlessly plowing and planting.

My farm is as pretty as can be. I anticipate that I'll soon be moving on to other obsessions.

Anyone wanna buy a goat? Or a llama? or a chicken?

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