Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That would be my reasonable recommendation.

I had my appointment with Dr Galliford, the ob/gyn, today. What a nice man.

He did his best to keep me calm and distracted while it felt like he was performing a hysterectomy right then and there on the table, armed with only a surgical glove and a colposcope. "Interesting," was his response to many of my answers to his questions that varied from, "Does this hurt?" to "What does your special needs son do during the day?" to "When did you last..."

Once I was re-dressed and sitting in a more dignified position he asked me what I was thinking I'd like to do. I resisted the urge to say, "Go home and have a shower." I responded that I wanted the whole damn mess taken out.

"That would be my reasonable recommendation." He went on to explain that even without the pain I am experiencing I would be a good candidate for a hysterectomy, given my history and the size my cysts. He says this while holding his two forefingers and thumbs in the shape of circle about the size of a softball.

I repeated the gesture back to him and said, "By doing this, do you mean that's how big they are?"

"Well. Yeah. One is slightly larger than the others, but yeah, about like that."

Well geez! It's no wonder I can no longer get any of my pants done up! And here I was blaming it on my 10lb weight gain.

Anyway, he has put me on a "semi-urgent" wait list for surgery. He figures I'll go in sometime during the summer. I'm hoping for the 7th or 8th of July so I can have 7 or 8 weeks of summer off and I'll be marginally healing by the time we go to Vivian Lake on August 1st and then I'll be back to work just in time to take a week off for the houseboat vacation I have planned for September 21st.


jean said...

we'll have to pray for good timing then won't we?

elzee said...

Actually I changed my mind. I'd like to go in on August 6th or 7th. That would be ideal.

mari said...

well I'll be at Vivian lake for a day and I will wait on you if you are not healed yet. I can pour wine like no one you've ever met! ;)

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