Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I need more shoes.

Last year, my husband built a closet just for shoes at the back door at the bottom of the stairs. It seems there just wasn't enough room in the closet at the top of the stairs which only had 2 shelves and the shoes had to share the space with jackets and other things.

Except for the space of one pair in the upper closet and 2 pair in the lower closet the shelving is mine all mine.

As I slipped a pair of flip flops on my feet this morning I thought, "I really should get some more shoes. This bottom closet is looking really empty." But I didn't have time for new shoes today, I had too much else on my agenda.

I came home tonight after a really long day off work but jam-packed with other things. I sank into my computer chair and kicked off my shoes. As I tried to slide them out of the way, they wouldn't go anywhere so I bent to peek under my desk....

Uh yeah. I might just hold off on the shoe shopping for a bit.


mari said...

How can you forget about shoes?? That's ridiculous!

elzee said...

I didn't totally forget about them .. I just saw empty space in the closet and viewed it as an opportunity to get more shoes.

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