You must first answer the skill testing question...

What is it with the Canadian government that requires you to answer a math question before you can be declared a winner? Like it's some big criminal offense to get something for free. Why don't they make the welfare recipients line up each month and give an answer to "what's 13 plus 7 divided by 2 times 3 minus 10". (I think that's 20)

I received a phone call this morning informing me that I should expect an email with a release form to sign and a skill-testing math question to answer and then I would be officially declared the winner of the Buckley's Ugly Face contest.

Me. The grand prize winner. L'il ol' me.

Could I win the the luxury home in a posh neighbourhood of Vancouver? Or a car? Or large sums of cash? No. I win a five year supply of Buckley's cough medicine. And an opportunity to appear in a TV commercial. I will however be remunerated "according to industry standards" depending on the nature of the said commercial.

I can just imagine it all now: Here's 20 bucks and 20 bottles of Buckleys. Enjoy.

Thinking about the whole thing kind of has me a bit freaked out and I am second guessing myself for even participating in the first place. But as my husband said, " You only live once. It's an adventure. ... and it will give you something to blog about."

So here's to adventures! And I'll try not to think about how twisted it is to be proud to be declared the ugliest face in Canada.


Anonymous said…
I always knew you would be famous one day !!!! Can't wait to see you on national TV Congrats

GraceeJ said…
I am so happy to be related to you!!! You are beautiful and you make me smile :)
Anonymous said…
You were the only one who looked natural when making the Buckley face. The rest of them looked like they were putting it on. Congratulations, it's nice to see someone become famous in the family.
mari said…
I voted for you! :) Not for ugliest face but for best disgusted face - did you actually take the syrup before making this face??
b said…
awesome you're (rich?) and famous!

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