Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bev Thomson. No P.

inspiration [in-spuh-rey-shuhn] noun: 1. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. 2. Bev Thomson, no P.

My friend Bev impacted everyone who met her. Even if you know nothing about her, a first introduction would mean you would like her. She was funny, and accepting, talented beyond belief, she loved Jesus and she was just plain ol' real.

It has probably been about 18 years since she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. And then ovarian cancer. And then colon cancer. I never once heard her complain. She took chemo session after chemo session and surgery after surgery as if it was common to all. Of course, she wanted to live, that's why she endured the treatment, but she wasn't afraid to die. And that impacted me. Her sense of humour was amazing. She could take something so serious as cancer and lighten it up so it became a topic you could comfortably discuss. It was not unheard of for her to flop her fake boob out on the table if she thought you would be interested and/or freaked out by it. That's just the kinda girl she was. I used to tease her about being a head and a heart and an empty bag for a body cuz she'd had so many parts removed.

Truly she was a huge inspiration for me last year when I recieved my breast cancer diagnosis. She helped me to look cancer in the eye and stand tall and even laugh in its general direction. Granted, I went through nothing like she did. And I'm fairly certain I'd be wimpering in a corner somewhere had that been the case.

Bev was told a few years ago that she "was terminal." But still she lived life to the fullest.

These last few weeks various people had been taking meals out to the family. Saturday June 13th was my turn. Bev moved into Hospice House on Thursday. I decided I'd go and sit with her on Saturday. She went to sit with Jesus before I got there.

Goodbye Bev. You will be so very missed, but your fight has ended. Rest in peace.

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mari said...

How beautiful. And sad.

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