Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am not a stocker-upper kinda girl.

I don't have a dishwasher. And I don't particularly miss it. Oh, for sure I plan to put one in my kitchen when we renovate. However the kitchen renos are somewhere near 78th place on the "To Do" list.

Two years ago, the ensuite was number one on the list. And then Jed moved back from his year of living away from home and building his suite in the basement suddenly took top priority. And after a year of sharing a bathroom with him, when he moved downstairs and we got the main bathroom all to ourselves, it was almost like winning the lottery or something. I was so thrilled just to get my bathroom back that I realized that the ensuite wasn't really a "must have" I was happy enough left alone with the main bath.

Ensuite took a plunge on the top 10 jobs list. And because we are finishing up the siding after last years addition for Jed's entrance, Alb decided now would be the perfect time to expand the back deck and close it in underneath to make a garage for my car. This will mean during the winter the shop will be freed up for him to park his truck in. Needless to say, he didn't suggest this plan of action until the day after I bought him an 800 dollar remote starter for his truck because I felt sorry for him always having to park outside.

Okay this is not at all the direction I intended this blog to go. I started to tell you that I wash all my dishes by hand.

I ran out of dish soap the other day. I have been successfully putting off grocery shopping for a couple of weeks but after 2 days of washing dishes with no soap I decided I'd better deke into Costco on my way by the other day and grab a couple of things that I can no longer go without. I didn't get a cart, I just grabbed the necessary things: garbage bags, a new pair of pants and a couple of outfits for Xander and then headed to the soap aisle. Of course Costco only sells 5 litre sized containers of dish soap. Do you know how large 5 litres is?? It's big. But that's all they had and it was only 6 bucks. (I know many of you think this is normal, but I am just not a stocker-upper kinda girl. I find that I am so disorganized that I can't find things months or years later anyway, so I'm best off not to get extra and just purchase on an as needed basis)

I brought it home my huge container of soap and barely made a dent in it when I filled my little pump thingy by the sink and put the rest away in storage - wondering what the heck I was going to do with all this soap. I made myself a sandwich and sat down to Facebook for a bit.

As soon as I logged on I got a message from Jade, "Do you have any dish soap I could borrow till tonight?" Ahahahahah. I laughed out loud.

Do I have dish soap...


Shell-Bell said...

Be prepared to have that for a VERY long time. RYAN bought us one that big before we had the dishwasher. We used MAYBE half of it before we got the dishwasher 3 years ago. I think I might be giving it to my children when they move out.

b said...

Now Barb, on the other hand, probably doesn't realize dish soap comes in smaller bottles:)She's a real stocker-upper (and we were thankful for it many times out at the farm.)

mari said...

Make bubbles! Just add sugar.

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