Monday, May 11, 2009

Craft night with Granny.

Doing crafts with a 7-week-old is a bit of an adventure. I didn't get any pictures because, as it was, I was trying to single handedly do a job that probably should have had 2 or 3 adults participate.

But if you use your imagination you could probably visualize my kitchen spread with measuring cups, wisks and bowls of plaster while I hold a screaming infant football style under my arm with his hand anchored into a bowl of cold goop. He wasn't thrilled with craft night with Granny.

The final result is far from professional looking, but it was made with love. And I'm sure it's only the first of many kid-art gifts for Mommy to proudly hang on the wall.

My flowers and talking card ... very cool.

1 comment:

mari said...

awww - so cute! You know you can buy molds that are made with sand so you can print and re-print till you get it right.
Might not be as adventurous, but probably less hassle..

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