Yeah, I know I have abandoned my post here. I'm a little distracted this week. Death will do that to you. For those who do not know, Jade's sister Angela passed away very unexpectedly this week. I spent a couple of days standing at her bedside and since have been funeral planning and having sleepovers with Xander and just doing what I can.

I am still yearning for a day filled with dull moments. I suspect I'll never get one. It's times like this that cause one to reflect on things and be thankful for the many many good things I have in my life - it helps to counter balance the shit.

Today is a beautiful sunny Friday and I have taken the day off work. I have an ultra sound this morning. My afternoon will be spent grocery shopping for the funeral tea. In the evening I will finish off the memorial cards and get them printed and folded.

There is youth group at the church tonight so I can't get in there until 9:30 to set up tables and decorate and prepare the kitchen for tomorrow mornings funeral. I can't find the white table cloths - does anyone know where they are?

I need a coffee.


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