Thursday, May 28, 2009

Au revoir ovaries!

"I would recommend you have your ovaries removed," my doctor said to me yesterday. Then added, "if you are okay with that."

Okay with that? Scuse me doctor, this is what I have been asking for for a number of months now.

"Do you have a preferred Ob/Gyn?"
"Um, I already have an appointment with Dr Galliford on June 17."
"Oh," he says kind of surprised. "Well that's good then. I'll send a copy of this ultra sound to him."

He seems to forget that he ordered a copy to be sent to him when we scheduled the ultrasound and he forwarded my file on to Galliford the last time I was in.

He's not doing a lot to bolster my confidence in himself, the new guy, who took over for my retiring doctor a while back.

Apparently I have lesions. And lesions are a concern. I don't know a cyst from a lesion from a tumor. (I have all three.) But I do know pain. And pain is not my friend. So I just want the whole damn mess taken out.

And bring on the hot flashes. It is the end of May and I bundle up to go to work like its the middle of December. I just froze at work all day yesterday. And we don't even have the air conditioner turned on.

I'm sure the first time I experience a hot flash, I'll whine and cry and try to take back every word, but for now, they are sounding mighty fine.

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