Monday, October 15, 2007

And it burns burns burns...

I hate green peppers. Every once in a while I think, "I'm an adult now. I like most foods. There's no reason for me not to eat them." But the fact is I just don't like 'em. However, I love hot peppers. A girl at work has gotten me on this kick of eating whole hot pickled peppers.

Seeing as it is salsa making season, and I know my Dad's garden is brimming with peppers of all varieties, I told my mom about my recent hot pepper consumption. And as if by magic there were jars of hot pickled peppers in with my shipment of salsa.

I scooped myself a little bowl of them and sat down at my computer and mindlessly tossed one into my mouth as I was reading through my email. Holy Hannah! I gasped for breath and choked while my eyes welled up with tears. I then wiped away my tears with the hand that held the peppers. Good lordy, I thought my eyeball was gonna melt. I ran to the bathroom mirror because I was sure I'd find a blister on my lower lip.

Now, since Chantel had gotten me started eating those things, I had to take a jar to work to share with her. Now let me tell you, that livened up an otherwise slow day at work. In between curse-words and tears, we managed to polish off half the jar before we both broke out into a sweat. I got to thinking that sweat is associated with weight loss. hmmm.... Mom just might be on to something. I've ordered up another batch cuz I sense that these ones will be gone before long.

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