Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Betty's Baaaack!

Betty the Bike just won't call it quits. Her insurance lapsed on September 15 and she was all tucked away in the back corner of the garage. But she has emerged again for another 3 months.

Okay, it's very unlikely we'll still be riding her in 3 months but ICBC won't allow you to put a shorter term than that on a bike.

Why would relatively sane individuals insure a bike in PG when it's fricken freezing outside? I'll blame it on Ford. The truck is back in the shop for warranty work. This time it's the huma-ma-jiggy on the whatcha-ma-call-it that's allowing water to leak into something, creating clouds of blue smoke to billow out of the back.

It's all covered by warranty but they don't supply a replacement vehicle and they need the truck for 4 days.

I know lots of couples survive sharing a single vehicle, but for some reason we just can't figure out how to make it work - even for 4 days.

I know, I know we'd probably been smarter to rent a vehicle, but it's too late to think of that now; Betty's got her new sticker already. Let's just pray for no snow or ice for at least 5 days. And it will be great if we can get a couple of nice sunny afternoon rides in.

Anyone wanna buy a really nice shiny black Ford truck?

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