Saturday, August 15, 2009

Your Baby Can Read.

Xander loves to read. And I mean read - not just look at pretty pictures. From the time he was just a few weeks old and was able to hold his head up without looking like a bobblehead he has loved words.

Someone (who's identity I shall protect) was laying around watching infomercials at 4 am the other morning then sent me a link to Your Baby Can Read.

I got all excited and decided my grandchild needed this program. But 200 bucks? American bucks. I checked out Ebay. Turns out the full editions on Ebay end up being even more by the time you add the ridiculous shipping charges. There were a few partial programs (just the basic DVDs and flashcards) for about fifty bucks. That's a little closer to my budget.

But of course nothing is too good for my Xander and I want to be sure I'm not wasting fifty dollars by getting something that is only half-assed decent. So I set off to check out some unbiased reviews.

I found lots of pros and cons about the program. I found a good literacy website with lots of great insight about raising readers and warning about introducing formal learning too soon, and all kinds of other stuff. All-in-all, I saved myself 200 dollars and Xander will learn to read during quiet time with Granny and good ol' Dr Suess.

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mari said...

teach him sign language.. sign language strengthens the same pathways in the brain as would teaching him another language. Or so I've read.