Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cognitive Popcorn

Cognitive popcorn: (n) term referring to a syndrome caused by an anxious brain whose restless activity doesn't allow sleep.

Xander had a sleepover last night. The darling child was asleep by 9pm and didn't wake until after 7am. So of course it isn't his fault that I was exhausted before my day began today. It's just that every time he exhaled or moved his big toe I woke up. I was so looking forward to bedtime tonight.

I was actually in bed by 8:30 - with the TV on. Alb is at work so I got to watch things like "Intervention" "Obsessed" and "Dateline". About 10 o'clock I got up and made a bag of popcorn. I ate nearly the whole damn bag. Now I have insomnia.

I vaguely recall hearing years ago that popcorn gave you bad dreams, or maybe it was bad sleep or something. Either way I can't fall asleep. (Yes the TV is off) So I drag the laptop into bed and Google popcorn. Google tells me it's the perfect nighttime snack - a comfort food that apparently is supposed to aid sleep.

It's not working.

Perhaps if I hadn't eaten the entire bag I wouldn't be laying here in the middle of the night talking about it.

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