Saturday, August 8, 2009

Living in limbo.

Back in July sometime my ob/gyn's receptionist told me his upcoming surgery dates were July 27, August 6th and 10th.

"He's booked up for the 27th, but I'd imagine you'll get in on the 6th," she said. "Unless there are a lot of emergency C-sections, then you'll be bumped to the 10th. I'm surprised the hospital hasn't called you yet."

Silly me, I took this at face value and booked off work. I had already put in for the long weekend off so I told them July 31 would be my last day until October - please issue me an ROE so I can get my EI rolling.

After returning from the long weekend at Vivian Lake and still not hearing from the hospital, I called the doctor's office. I essentially begged her to do something for me and gave her the gory details of my weekend filled with painkillers, pads and pull-ups. (Of which I will spare you the details ... unless you were one of the ones within earshot of the baby monitor ... again, I apologize.)

"Let me call the hospital and see what I can do for you."

The next day, being the final day to get the call for surgery on the 6th, I called the hospital. Once again pleading my case and emphasizing that I was off work now and could come in an hour's notice should someone die and/or cancel their surgery spot.

"Oh yes, your doctor called yesterday to have you moved up the list."

My heart leapt with excitement as I anticipated her saying, "Come in for blood work today and we'll slot you in tomorrow's schedule."

Instead, I heard, "So I'd imagine you'll get in in the next couple of months."

"Say what???"

So meanwhile I am on EI, the weather has been unusually fantastic and I am taking advantage of the situation.

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