Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Self control doesn't pay.

Both my boys had birthdays this weekend. Since Jed was working long days at the PGX on Sunday, his birthday, we decided to have their family supper on Monday which was Ken's birthday.

I wrapped up their presents on Saturday.

Looking at the pile of gifts, I realized that while Jed's pile out numbered Ken's in dollar value significantly, it was smaller in quantity. This would never do. (This is the art of being a mother - knowing what details matter.)

I decided I'd better run to the mall and grab a couple of things. Jed has been asking for a black tie to go with all his various uniforms. Lo-and-behold if it wasn't Super Sale days (or something like that) at Sears. If you used your Sears card you got an extra 30% off any clearance items PLUS they had scratch and save coupons at the till - save up to 50%. (This is generally a code word for 10%)

I managed to gather up a black tie, some underwear, pants and shorts. And somehow a couple of outfits for Xander managed to jump into the pile. I was quite proud of myself for the self control I exercised in completely avoiding Ladies Wear and the Shoe department.

I had briefly glanced at car seats. As soon as X is big enough for a forward facing car seat, (which will be pretty soon) I'm getting my own that stays in my car - no more of this struggling with these monstrous pieces of plastic and straps and shoulder belts in the back of my relatively cramped back seat. Again, great self control. I'm currently not working and my EI has not started to roll in yet. I walked away without one.

I piled my items on the sales counter and the cashier hands me a scratch ticket and a lucky penny to scratch with. I scratched 50%. FIFTY PERCENT!! The cashier was so excited I thought she was going to pee her pants. Perhaps she did.

But me, all I could do was think "Damn!"

I shoulda grabbed the car seat. And a pair of shoes. A new outfit. I should have gotten all my Christmas shopping done. Damn self control.

The birthday boys. It's nice they can sit beside each other now without killing one another.

Hates it when we make him actually READ the cards.

Granny. Have you got the camera??

Yes! It even includes a map of Salmon Arm.

Trying on Daddy's new clothes before Mommy gets a chance to.

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mari said...

I hate those scratch and wins! And for that same reason. It's not like you can say "oh hold on while I grab something else" either. But you should be able to!

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