Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good on ya, young man.

August in PG. Time for the 97th annual PGX, where the smells of cotton candy, greasy fries and horse poop fill the air. And Jed becomes a carny once again.

This year he got in on the action the day before the Exhibition even started. He showed up with his work boots on as they were unloading all the rides from the trucks. They worked him hard all day setting up the rides (I'm certain they must carry good insurance) then handed him a wad of cash when he hauled his weary butt home at the end of the evening.

This morning he headed off at 8:30am for his second day to take tickets and press the start button to scare the crap out of young children seeking a thrill.

His feet are still a mess from his battles on the Slip 'n Slide at Vivian Lake. By then end of his second day at the PGX last night, he had to cut his socks to get them off his scabby feet. We bandaged him up a little better today.

He plans to continue these long cash-filled days until Sunday, which incidentally is his 23rd birthday, so he can drag himself down to Electron and buy himself a guitar.

Good on ya, young man.

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