Friday, April 3, 2009

This is cutting into my "Xander Time".

Six months seems to have flown by and it's already time for another appointment with my oncologist. It dawned on me yesterday that I am supposed to be getting a diagnostic mammogram done before I see him. So I phoned to make an appointment. But of course it can't be so easy.

Because I need a diagnostic mammogram, not just a regular screening mammogram I need a doctor's requisition. Of course this cannot be faxed over with phone instructions. I must go into the office and have him hand me a physical piece of paper so that he can get his hundred bucks from the government.

I have an appointment next week with my doctor to get the results from my MRI but I know the last time I booked a mammogram it took quite a while to get in. And since I've known for six months that Dr Bishop's office will be calling in April for my return visit, I figured I'd better be ready, so I'd best not delay the appointment another week.

I squeezed in an appointment before work yesterday. Turns out there's a medical student working alongside my doctor. Rather than just being handed a form, it becomes a long drawn out procession of descriptions of breasts and how to examine them and the procedures to take if the situation is suspect. It was all interesting enough, but I really didn't have time for it.

I got my requisition from the doctor and took the stairs to the lower floor to the mammography clinic. Ooops. I forgot to get the nurse to print a label with my name on it ... back up the stairs I go. No medical procedures can be booked without a printed label.

The whole thing just seems ridiculous to me. The mammography clinic has my records on file. They know I had breast cancer and surgery. They are the ones who told me I require a diagnostic mammogram. And yet there are all these hoops and paperwork to contend with. I cannot imagine what additional costs this adds to the overburdened medical system.

Turns out they have an opening next Wednesday morning, so I book it. This is one day after my MRI results appointment with my doctor, after which I will need to see a surgeon.

I should just buy a monthly parking pass.

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