Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They just don't get it. Yet.

We just got back from a last minute trip to Kamloops. It was short but it was nice to get away none-the-less.

Turns out that Dan and Tamara and Connie and Jordanna were there as well. I know we all live in the same town, but it seems we have to go away or have a family reunion to see anyone. So with all the siblings but Jen being there, it was a great opportunity for them to tease me mercilessly about my role as Granny.

I let them harass me about having 200 pictures of the five week old infant. (I don't know where the number 200 came from but I just left it at that, not daring to admit it's probably closer to 500) But hey, it's the digital age and it costs nothing to preserve your memories.

Apparently posting videos of your grandchild pooping his diaper is not particularly acceptable. But they just don't know cuz they don't have grandchildren yet. Besides, it gave them all something to talk about. And I will guarantee that every one of them has watched that video more than once.

I knew I'd never hear the end of it when I asked if we could go to Toys R Us. I bought Xander a Fisher Price guitar and a pair of sleepers from the clearance-clearance rack. Pretty self controlled, I thought. The guitar will stay at PaPa's house so they can jam together.

Then we went to Fabricland. Nothing was said of my mother buying 8 meters of fabric to add to her warehouse full. It was acceptable for me to pick up 4 meters of something Barbee wanted to add to her large collection. However, what was the object of ridicule? The fact that I bought ONE lousy meter of flannel. (It's so cute, I couldn't pass up the little frogs in a camouflage background)

But I take it all in stride. They know I have the world's cutest, smartest most lovable grandbaby and the teasing and jesting is just a cover-up for their insane jealousy. One day they will understand.


b said...

well, remember these are the same people who STOOD IN LINE to wash Brandi's face, or feed/change her, or just look at her... so they'll get it eventually.

jean said...

Now that was a great blog..and very true, but remember if people don't tease you it means they don't care, they don't love you and at least they are thinking of you.. love you lots, mom( and yes Barb, I remember the Brandi days very well and the ribbing we took but worth every minute of it!)

jean said...

I was talking to Barb, wasn't I?

elzee said...

b is for beth.

mari said...

one toy is very self controlled!! I'm proud! Just wait till he's bringing you toys he picked out off the shelf and bringing them to you while you stand in line waiting to pay for an armful of toys you already found... then we'll talk about self control!

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