Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pills, plastic and elastic.

Old age just creeps up on you. You can't fight it. And really, often you don't even try to fight it because bizarre things just become acceptable to your aging mind.

Take for example elastic waist pants. Who, at 16, could have wildly imagined wearing them? At 44 I can hardly wait to get home from work and put them on. Truth be told, I even wear them to work some days. But only with a long top. But I fully anticipate the day will come when I will probably be tucking a button-up blouse into those same elastic waist pants.

And food. Remember snickering under your breath when someone made their food and drink choices on more than "it tastes good and I want it." Can't drink coffee in the evening. Spicy foods aggravate my stomach. You don't eat chips or chocolate cake for breakfast. Take the higher fiber option. Peanut butter causes heartburn. And every meal is followed by Tums.

And pills. When you are under thirty five the pill means only one thing. And before long you need one of those plastic containers with the days of the week labeled on it so you can remember if you took your brown pill today, and how many white pills are left. And I anticipate the day will come when I have a triple decker pill container that not only has days of the week, but morning noon and night as well.

And lawn ornaments. Who in their first decade of home ownership would have dreamed of ever decorating their yard with plastic animals and wirly-gigs on a stick. Yesterday I found these rabbits left over from Easter for $2.40 in the grocery store. And on my next day off they will be in my flower garden. Along with my dollar store silk daffodils.

And if I knew how to crochet, I'd probably make a cover for my toilet paper.

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mari said...

Are they plastic bunny's? They look stuffed - you can't put stuffed bunny's outside right? And I have to ask - why fake flowers in your outdoor garden?? If you don't like planting every year you can get plants that you only have to plant once and they just regrow in successive years... :) ha ha

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