Monday, April 27, 2009

Are you still a "little kid" if you're over 50?

When I blogged about age last night, I fully intended it to be about Matt's 50th birthday that we attended on the weekend. But once I start typing the story just sorta flows out and I don't really consciously control where it goes.

Anyway Matt is 50. I over heard one of the elder siblings say, "Man, it really makes you realize how old we're all getting when one of the 'little kids' turns 50."

There are really 3 or 4 'generations' within the Ziemer family. There are the 'older girls' (Judy, Lucy, Muriel, Darlene) then John and Jim who are sometimes included with the older ones. Then Val and Peter had their own grouping. And Matt headed up the 'younger kids,' who also included Albert, Tim, Bernie and baby Coralie.

To me age is just a number. It didn't bother me to turn 30 or 40, and I trust 50 will come without an emotional breakdown as well.

But sitting there listening to the siblings stand around the hymn book singing, I thought, "Fifty years ago they were doing the same thing. FIFTY YEARS AGO!" Somehow that made it seem like a really really long time. But neither my husband nor I were even born so I was able to brush it off.

The siblings sing around a hymn book for old time's sake.
(Five of the boys and two girls were there. The rest are 2nd generation and inlaws)

Tineke, Matthew and David did a "fashion show" showing that when you are number 9 in a line of 13, you don't really develop a sense of haute couture.

In this family, one is never too old for the birthday bumps:

Or a dogpile!

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