Normally, I'm not all that normal.

The envelope please...

The results are in and after careful consideration by the MRI lab technicians my diagnosis is that I have two cysts on my ovary and a larger fibroid tumour in my uterus. They suspect none of them are cancerous. Yay me!

However they want me to get transvaginal ultra sounds every 6 weeks. I dunno if you've ever experienced one of those. It's kinda like inserting a 14 inch dildo equipped with a micro camera. It even wears a condom and KY jelly. While it's not the worst experience in the world, it's not exactly something I want to sign up for routinely.

I said to my doctor, "Can't you just take the whole mess out?"

"Well, that's not normal procedure." (Apparently they haven't figured out that I'm not normal.)

But he has agreed that it might be a good option for me and has forwarded my file on to a gynecologist for further consultation. Now I await a call from Dr. Galliford's office.


b said…
Dr. Galliford the gentleman. I wish I'd had him for my c-sections too.
mari said…
But then you've another surgery.. if they will take the cyst off?
elzee said…
I don't just want the cysts taken off. I want everything removed, tumor, cysts, ovaries, uterus, 10 or 15 lbs of fat....

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