Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A dull moment. My kingdom for a dull moment.

There is never a dull moment around here.

You'll recall me blogging about Jed coughing up blood a couple of weeks ago. They changed his asthma inhaler and sent us on our way, and things seem to be fine so far.

Then one day last week Dr Roe phoned me to say, "Could you bring Jed back in. We are reviewing his chest xrays and there is an unclear area. It's probably nothing, but we want to be sure. Either go to his regular doctor or bring him back to ER. We would like it about 10 days from the initial visit, so either Sunday or Monday. I'll be in ER both evenings if he comes here."

I had no idea they revisit your xrays after you leave the hospital. I just assumed that since they are always so busy, you are in and you are out and they never think of you again. So there you are, Kore. (He was disappointed that we hadn't asked to keep Albert's xray showing the nail through his thumb.)

I thought it best to stick with the same doctor rather than trying to explain to Jed's regular doctor why he is asking for a chest xray.

Sunday night when it was time to head off to the hospital, Jed insisted he wanted to go alone. He said either he'd ride his bike or, if I insisted on participating, I could drop him off in the parking lot and he'd phone me later to come back and pick him up.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to sleeping in a hospital chair again. And neither was I wanting to sit around at home waiting to play chauffeur. Jed rode his bike.

Jed discovered it's not nearly as fun sitting in a treatment room for 2 or 3 hours all by yourself as it is to have your lovely mother there to entertain you. He only used the buzzer button twice to call someone to ask how long it will take. (I tried to explain that is like calling 911 for no reason)

He returned home to say all was fine.

Monday morning Jed gets a phonecall from his regular doctor. They have received his xrays from the hospital and something has come up so he needs to come in.

He hung up the phone and told me he has an appointment next Monday. I asked what time. "Oh, I forget." he says, and calls the doctor's office back. Details ain't his strong point. Which is why I really am hoping there is some way we can convince Jed that either Albert or I need to go with him to his doctor appointment. Somehow I just don't see him eagerly agreeing. And the damn privacy laws prevent me from speaking directly to the doctor myself.

We'll see what happens.

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mari said...

Patrick always says he wants to install a camera on M somehow that she won't notice so he can keep track of where she is and whats she's doing - esp when she enters the teen years... that would be handy for you and Jed too!

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