Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I'm still sick. And tired. I cough all night so I'm not sleeping. I haven't gone grocery shopping since well before Christmas and my cupboards reflect it. I keep putting it off cuz I don't feel like fighting a cart through the compact snowy parking lots.

I thought I'd drag Alb along with me after work today. I waited for about and hour and a half for him to return home, before Jed informed me he was at a meeting. Knowing there is very little for lunches tomorrow, I figured I'd better trudge off on my own, despite my lack of enthusiasm for such an adventure.

The parking lot was far more full than I expected for a Sunday at 5:30. I got inside the store only to realize there were no carts inside. This should have only been be a minor irritation, but it totally pissed me off, so I left.

Knowing there was not much for supper, I drove through McDonalds to grab a burger on my way home. (Ok, it wasn't exactly on my way - but it was near the liquor store I decided to deke into to get a bottle of red wine.)

So I sit here eating my Mcburger, drinking a glass of wine and contemplating what we will eat for lunches and supper tomorrow. Nothing comes to mind. So instead I'll have another glass of wine and then I won't care whether or not we eat tomorrow.


mari said...

tomorrow go to save on foods and ask for help out when your paying! They do it for free!!

Anonymous said...

tut tut girl, they dont do it for free .... the groceries cost $50 more than superstore or costco :<)
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