Monday, January 12, 2009

Ding Dong! Momma calling...

Jed has settled into his basement suite. He has We Care Home Services come each week day morning for a couple of hours to help organize his day and ensure the basic home operations get done somewhat regularly.

He has 3 or 4 regular workers who come in. As to be expected, he has a better rapport with some than others. One he was quite rude to. He had no explanation for this, said he didn't dislike her. He just ignored her while she was here. We have this kind of all worked out now, but for a while, he just didn't get out of bed when she rang the doorbell. I would have to go and unlock the door and let her in. For most other workers, he'd be up and usually showered before they got here.

He doesn't use an alarm clock very well. He either gets up waaay too early, or forgets to set it. So even though he "lives in his own place," it is still up to me to ensure he gets up on time for the workers, for church, for his job at the SPCA etc.

Of course, being the rather lazy person that I am, I didn't care too much for walking all the way downstairs to knock on his door, so I took to stomping on the kitchen floor. Besides injuring my foot, I always felt like I was probably waking Albert up as well. Not a good idea when you live with a shift worker.

Then I came up with the perfect plan. I got a wireless door bell. Jed mounted the chime box on his bedroom wall and I have the dinger button. I don't have this mounted anywhere. It usually sits on my desk. But sometimes when I know I want to sleep in I place it on my night stand. In the morning I just reach over and press the button - usually twice, about 5 seconds apart, and voila! I have silently and effortlessly awakened my son.

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carmenrose said...

The epitome of laziness! I love it!

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