Thursday, September 18, 2008

The perfect smorg. And it's free.

I was out doing errands and grocery shopping yesterday. At one point I was starving. I considered running through a drive-through but I really don't need the calories, fat, sodium or extra swipe on my debit card. I considered running home to fix something but knew that if I walked in the door there was no way I'd leave again to finish my errands. I really only needed to hit up Costco then I'd be done.

And I really do like getting groceries on an empty stomach. I know they tell you not to cuz you tend to buy more things - but isn't that the point to grocery shopping? I hate it when you shop on a full stomach and get home and realize you really didn't buy much more than toilet paper and ketchup.

At the end of the first aisle in Costco someone was handing out sample bites of energy bars. I ate one. It tasted like grass but it took the edge off. I decided I could avoid having to go home and make something if I just wandered the aisles in search of the free sample ladies.

It was great. I had 2 bites of lasagne, a cracker with hummus, a bite of bread with a blob of almond butter (glad I didn't waste 8 bucks buying a jar), 1/2 a perogy and topped it all off with a mini cream puff. By the time I left I was feeling satisfied but not stuffed. It cost me nothing and I didn't have to cook. It don't get much better than that.

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mari said...

When I was 12 my aunt used to pick me up on the weekend and take me to costco for lunch. All samples. Yum!

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