Friday, September 26, 2008

The bucket list.

It often seems that after someone dies suddenly, you notice little things they had said or done that sort of "prepared" the way for them. I think it's for this reason, subconsciously, I've always dragged my butt about updating our wills, life insurance and papers and stuff. I think that as long as I'm not "preparing the way" then it won't happen to me. It's just my twisted way of thinking, I suppose.

Last spring we went to see The Bucket List. I really like Jack Nicholson. For reasons unknown, he reminds me of Albert. Ever since then, on occasion I think, "I should make a bucket list." But then I think, "No, that would sort of prepare the way... I'm not ready for that."

However, even though I haven't written out things on a list, I do have 2 items waiting to be added:

Zip Trek at Whistler. This is where you spend the day riding zip line swings back and forth across the canyons. Whenever I do make the list, this item will be last because surely I shall die of fright on such an excursion.

Writing a book. I'm gonna write a book one day. When I went back to school a few years ago, at the beginning of the class we had to introduce ourselves and tell everyone why we were in the program.

Everyone had lofty reasons - start a career, change a career, make money, avoid entering the workforce etc. Then it was my turn.

"My name is Liana Ziemer. And I want to see it written on a book cover some day."

That's it. No ambitions. Just selfish vanity. I have no idea the content or purpose for the book, other than just to see my name on the cover.

Then a couple of years after that, I bought a book by Sue Buchanan called Duh-votions. I think I hadn't even finished reading the introduction when I exclaimed, "This is the book I want to write." Dammit. Sue beat me to it.

Basically it's not much different than my blog. It's 60 random one or two page ramblings from her life. Except that she's added a one-line prayer to the end of each. And she's become rich and famous because of it.

Perhaps it would get boring when each chapter of my version ends with "Dear Lord. Help me not to kill Jed today. Amen."

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