Book 'em Danno

I had my consultation and examination with the surgeon during a break from work the other day. When I got back to work my fellow employees, most of whom are about the age of my children, asked how it went.

My reply, "He said Book 'em Danno" was met with blank stares.

As if I wasn't feeling old enough having to have my breasts biopsied (I always have to think before I say/type this word cuz I wanna say autopsied) but I have to explain Hawaii 5-0 to a group of kids who weren't even conceived before the show, which I clearly remember, finished running its 12 year course.

The OR called yesterday. My boobs are booked for October 9th.


GraceeJ said…
What??? What are they ORing?
elzee said…
Doin' a biopsy on the lump in the left sister. ... haven't you been paying attention?? :)
GraceeJ said…
Yah but I thought the twisted sister already was found to be clear!
Lame!!! Guess I'll keep praying for lefty :)

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