Sunday, September 14, 2008

God is pleased. Amen.

I've taken on the role of official church decorator. Mostly as a safe-guard against having teaching Sunday School once again become a part of my official ministry duties.

I'm quite excited about the task (ask me again in June, though) however, I find it very distracting on Sunday morning during sermon time. Brian is a good speaker and I enjoy listening to him but it gets difficult to concentrate while you are trying to guesstimate how many feet it is from the plug-in on the ledge to the north wall. And what if I just inched the drums over a bit to the left. I could probably fit the Christmas tree in behind there - or maybe I could rig up a stand for it so it looks a little taller than it is.

One day last week I was seeking a moment of me-time and found myself inside Liquidation World. They had some really cool Thanksgiving items at clearance-clearance prices. I even found some Christmas things - I'm determined to redo the dilapidated looking wreaths at the church sometime in the next month. I got quite a bit of stuff for quite a little amount of money - even though they double rung in a couple of items.

I decided yesterday that I'd better go get my money back for the extra items they charged me for. It amounted to about 13 bucks - not a big deal, but a good excuse to go back to Liquidation World.

I walked in the door and it was like a large vacuum just sucked me right over to the blue-ticket-item section. There was a huge table of 5-cent items. 5 cents!! That's a nickel. You can't even use a nickel in a parking meter anymore. We're not talking crap here. This was good stuff.

I got 100 floral things for revamping the wreaths for 5 cents each. I had just bought 4 of them the other day for a dollar each. I got candle holders- great for spring and fall decorating. As I skipped with excitement towards the check-out I had to pass a whole new Christmas aisle. Oh lordy! When my cart became heaped to the point of spilling out, I just said to myself, "Enough is enough. Stop now." I just had to walk away.

I spent 32 dollars of God's money from the minimal church decorating budget and I got a full cart:

I think God is pleased with my good stewardship. Amen?


jean said...

Your mama is proud! She taught you well!

mari said...

incredibly impressive!

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