Friday, September 28, 2007

Hot Dogs in Water.

There are times when I border on being sadistically immature. On those days I can't help but wonder if I somehow got bypassed on the assembly line in heaven when they handed out the nurturing female compassion gene.

Take for example the other day.

A very distraught young woman comes into our store to find out if hot tubs should have a high limit switch or something to prevent them from overheating. Yes of course, they all do. I was not familiar with her brand of tub, but since she has had it for 13 years without it overheating, I assume hers did too. However, after that many years, one would have to expect that it is possible for mechanical items to fail.

I really don't know what she expected to hear from us, but I was ever so glad my co-worker (one more compassionate than I) took over the conversation and allowed me to turn my back on them and concentrate once again on my computer.

I managed to hold myself together while she gave all the details of her tub heating to nearly the boiling point before she realized it was out of control. She turned it off and removed the cover so it could cool down.

She walked away from tub. Her little dog bounded towards it.

She scalded her arms trying three times to save Fido. But alas he was cooked.

Now, shouldn't a grown woman be in tears over a situation such as this? Don't get me wrong, I feel terrible for the woman. But I cannot control the laughter that comes every time I consider the bizarreness of this situation.

After she left, I asked my co-worker what she had actually come to us for. We decided that she just needed an emotional hug and a little compassion. And I was thankful he was there to provide it.

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