Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reality: (n) the quality or state of being real or true.

What on earth did we used to watch on TV before reality shows began airing?

And typical of TV land, there is absolutely nothing real about any of these shows.

Survivor - where you are "stranded" on a remote island with 200 producers and camera men.

The Biggest Loser - Fat people lose weight... with perfectly portioned, prepared food and a nutritionist following them all day and a personal trainer pushing them to their limits every single day. And not a scrap of saturated fat or empty carb within 10 miles. Oh yeah, that's a reality everyone can relate to.

There's a reality show out there for just about every possible situation one could encounter (these are honest-to-goodness real shows out there) :

Ice Road Truckers - Imagine how intense the episodes get when the weather starts warming up ... ooohh.
How about America's Most Smartest Model - even the producers don't know proper English.

Murder - now there's a reality I'm sure millions of people will line up to participate in.

Reality TV has gone to ridiculous extremes to captivate audiences into following situations that they could supposedly imagine themselves participating in.

Let's bring reality tv back to reality. These are shows I wanna see:

American Idle : How little can you do and get away with it

It's in the Cards: How many credit cards can you max out and use one to pay off the other without ever having to pay any interest.

Remote Possibilities: Who can program a single universal remote control to actually operate the TV, VCR, Satellite Dish, Surround Sound and DVD Player.

Now those would be realities that real people could relate to.

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