Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, duh!

Sometimes I wonder why I work with the public. Apparently it's inappropriate to say, "Well, duh!" to your customers.

Let's imagine the scene:

A young couple... no, let's just say a couple (10 years ago I would have called them a middle aged couple) shops for a nine thousand dollar luxury item and loads it up with options so it becomes a 13 thousand dollar luxury item. The said couple fills in their financing application, arranges for Thursday delivery and leaves the building.

The financing company doesn't even bat an electronic eyelash before spewing back "DECLINED. Recent Bankruptcy." And it falls on my shoulders to phone and tell the female half of the couple that until the bankruptcy memo is removed from the credit bureau, we cannot even consider offering them a loan.
"But it's only been a couple of years and the memo can't be removed for 7 years," she knowledgeably responds. Then goes into a long rant about how they are back on track and have, just last month, managed to borrow enough to purchase a $300,000 home.

Oh, I am sure the financial company is aware of this. All the more reason for them not to give you more money.

By the way, I neglected to say the said woman works for a financial adviser.

This is why sometimes the only response I have is, "Well, duh!"

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