Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lining up my blobs. It's not a pretty sight.

Jade and I started our watercolour class today. Thank goodness they start with the elementary basics like, "This is a brush." And "This is water."

I learned lots. Like, watercolours don't really do what they are supposed to if you don't wet your paper enough. And you should think about what you want in a final picture before you start plunking crimson blobs on your background wash. And for heaven's sake don't line your blobs all up in a row.

As the class was finishing up, the instructor reviewed the things we learned and told us what our homework was: label all your brushes and stuff so we quit stealing each other's things and bring some weeds to class next week.

This startled Jade and she whips her eyes over to me questioningly as if to say, "Is she serious?"
I replied, "There was an S on the end of weed, Jade."
"Oh. I wondered." she answered. Yes, we are aspiring artists learning to let our creativity flow freely, but not that free.

I'm posting my first production so that in 8 weeks time everyone can say "Oh my gosh, you have come amazingly far."


carmenrose said...

You are already amazing!

Zanitram said...

I was gonna say that looks pretty good.. but I am used to 4 year old artists...

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