Sunday, September 9, 2007

My $9.50 was NOT wasted.

It was Barbee's birthday the other day. A group of us girls made a date to go for a drink and an appy and then out to a movie.

Now when a group of females ranging in age from late 30s to ... uh, more than that ... go out to a movie, you'd expect it to be something like Ira and Abby or Nanny Diaries or Silk or Becoming Jane. But no. We went to Bourne Ultimatum. I really don't to action films. I'm a comedy girl. Maybe an occasional chick-flick. But Barbee's bday only happens once a year, so I eagerly agreed to have Rachelle pick me up.

Maybe I was tired, maybe I was still in vacation mode, I dunno. I walked out of Shooters (that's hooter with and ess on both ends) and looked to the left. Then to the right. I had no idea where I was or what vehicle I was looking for. Had I realized that 4 others were sitting in Rachelle's vehicle watching me, I may have been able to fake my way through it, but I rarely go down town and I rarely see Rachelle's vehicle. I felt like a prime candidate for Alzheimer's.

We settled in at the movie theatre and the Coming Soon presentations began. Being that we were at an action movie, the trailers were for upcoming action movies. I couldn't name one of them. Janet turned to me and said, "Not a comedy or a chick flick in the bunch." That's the last thing I remember.

Then next thing I knew someone was throwing a backpack under a vehicle and the movie was reaching a climax. And then it was over. I was sound asleep before the show even started!

Alb has always teased me about knowing all the opening credits and none of the plots of any movie I've ever watched. I didn't even see the opening line in this movie.

Was it a waste of $9.50? Not a chance! I'd pay that any time for a good nap.

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Zanitram said...

There is the next line in the series out.. in book form. You should get it so you can have a nap anytime you like!

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