The rubber meets the road.

Whenever I'm at a red light and the driver next to me takes off with squawking tires or an excessively noisy engine roar I always say something like, "Oh yeah, I'm impressed," or "You got more money for fuel than I do."

On my way to work this morning I heard squealing tires as I entered the intersection when my left turning light turned green, and I immediately thought my derogatory remarks. But I soon realized I was the only moving vehicle. I totally peeled out in my front wheel drive old lady's car! How weird is that. I wasn't even in a hurry. My tire pressure must be low or something, but I can just imagine what the other drivers were thinking about the crazy woman driver with lots of money for tires.


mari said…
Those are the times when I scold myself for being judgemental. You just never know about other people the way I think I do..

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