Friday, May 3, 2013

Kinda girly

Day two of my return and I'm already staring at the screen and drawing a blank...

I think we're in trouble.

However I do recall my first weeks of blogging way back in 2007 were tough going. I believe one early entry was titled, "Four Days in and I Already Want to Bail". But let's try to persist, shall we.

Relay For Life is coming up in just seven days and Pink Madness will be upon us. In the weeks preceding Relay my mind begins to Think Pink and everything pink catches my eye, unlike the rest of the year when pink and I don't really hang out together too much.

Walking through the mall a couple of weeks ago a male mannequin in the window of District Clothing made me stop in my tracks. Bright pink underwear. For men.

"Gotta have!" my inner voice screamed at me.

I buy all my husband's clothes. Always have. Always will. So I know that men's underwear, even basic tighty-whitey's, are expensive so I fully expected to find a $19.99 or more price tag on these stylin' specimens.

"I'll pay $24.99 tops" I told myself, then added, "Even if they are $25.05 I will not buy them." And with my firm resolve I entered the store to inquire within.

"Ten dollars each or two for fifteen," the young skinny tattooed child informed me.

"Bargain. I'll take 'em. In pink."

Later that afternoon Xander was playing in the playroom when PaPa arrived home. He overheard me say, "I bought you a present," as I handed the bag containing the underwear to my husband.

The word "present" had him come running to watch PaPa open his gift. He was all excited, dancing and trying to stand on his tippy-toes to see inside the bag. He came to a sudden standstill as PaPa pulled the bright pink underwear from the bag.

Without moving anything but his eyes, Xander flashed me a look of disbelief. His eyes darted to PaPa to see if PaPa was going to cry, or complain or show disappointment in some other way.

PaPa said, "Cool." Xander's eyes dart back towards me and he realizes that, yes, Granny really did buy underwear for PaPa and call it a 'present'.

Still standing still he responds, "Awk-ward."

A moment of silence passes and he adds, "AND they're kinda girly, PaPa." And off he skipped to play again.

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