Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's camping, not a magazine feature article.

I will never be a seamstress or a quilter.

I'm more of an adequate short-cut taker, who knows how to wield a pair of scissors. 

Oh, I can sew. If I want to. And sometimes I do. But I don't sew because I want to sew, I sew because I want the finished product. And by finished, I don't really mean "finished". 

My motto has always been "Good enough." 

Today I made curtains for the trailer in preparation for camping season which will start on the weekend. 

Our well-used trailer came to us with frayed blackout fabric pinned to the fabric valance with large diaper pins. It worked well for two summers. But this year we have booked a site at the lake for the entire summer. And the site comes with a 15x20ish cabin. 

I'm quite excited about this summer venture and am already planning the decor of the cabin.  We take possession on Friday when I will measure things up and then dig through the absolute mountains of fabric I inherited from Mom to make new curtains for the three windows in the cabin.

It was my full intention to go to Fabricland tonight to purchase new blackout fabric. I was just headed out the door when I thought that I should Google the store for it's hours - I'd hate to drive all the way up the Hart and find out it wasn't open in the evening. Good call. It closes at 5:30. 

Since I was already focussed on making curtains this evening, I decided I could just work with the frayed blackout fabric and add a layer of Mom's fabric to freshen it up. 

I successfully finished my project. And by "finished" I don't mean I have beautiful hemmed works of art. I mean I used pinking shears to cut them out so I didn't have to hem the sides and I made sure the bottom edge lined up along the finished selvage of the fabric. I didn't get all fancy-like and make rod pockets or anything, I opted to thumbtack them to the underside of the built-in valance in the trailer. 

We are camping after-all, not looking to be featured in a Better Homes and Garden magazine. 

And voila! 

One side of  one of my Mom's fabric closets.
And I'm proud to say I used up about 4 meters of it! 

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