Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Albert! Albert! Albert!"

Do you remember this Canadian Tire commercial from the 80's?

I don't think the only reason I remember it is because the kid's name is Albert. (Although in my heart, I am convinced the final phrase is repeated often among acquaintances far and wide ... "I sure wish we had a guy like Albert")

Over the years this commercial has been brought to my mind on numerous occasions.

I think of it every time a crowd of people are cheering and encouraging an individual on.

The feel-good nature of the commercial has us all feeling warm and fuzzy because the individual who was previously down and out is now the hero whom everyone wants.

I heard the "Albert! Albert! Albert!" chant ringing in my head this week.

Sunday April 28, 2013 at 4pm I retired.

Monday morning the chants began. Resurrect the blog! Resurrect the blog! Resurrect the blog!

Geez. I retired to relieve pressures and deadlines and expectations. But truth be told, I had been considering the resurrection even before the chants began. We'll see what reality brings.

It's not often one can suddenly decide "I don't want to work anymore" and get the full support of their spouse to become a kept woman. But that's my reality. I'm a kept woman. I am blessed. And I'm so glad I have a guy like Albert.

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