Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's my right not to exercise my right.

I neither exercised my right nor fulfilled my obligations as a citizen yesterday.

It was voting day in British Columbia. I'm not sure why, but I rarely vote in the provincial elections. I always do in the federal election, and usually do at the municipal level.

To be honest, I had to Google what party Christy Clark is from when I heard she won this morning. Kinda sad isn't it.

While my history would indicate that I probably wasn't going to vote anyway, I am blaming my lack of action on my frustration with the number of political phone calls we received in the past month. From all parties.

This invasion of privacy and what bordered on harassment occurred pretty much daily and sometimes as many as three times a day. And it's not like it was even a real person calling. The computer generated call playing a recorded voice didn't respond to swearing, hanging up or politely asking them to remove my number from their calling list.

The final call I received was at 5:50 yesterday morning. Yes that is 5:50 AM. On election day - for some reason I thought that advertising on the day-of was illegal. It's possible they changed the rules, I'm not really up on these things.

One of my final thoughts last night was "Thank God it's over. They will quit phoning."

Guess how I was awakened this morning? To a ringing phone. I didn't make it to the phone in time to answer. But guess what the call display showed - "Province of BC." Seriously. Do they really think this is going to make us like them??

Enough already people! Get on with your squabbling in Victoria and leave us citizens alone to complain about the job you are doing.

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