I'll never be able to find my keys.

Cellphone, bank card, keys. What more does a person need to pack with them? This has always been my position in life. My purses, as a general rule aren't large enough to pack a regular sized pen.

Welcome to the new me.

With my hospital stay looming only 6 days away it was time to start gathering my things, such as my new pj's purchased just for the occasion. Of course this led to my obvious need for a new overnight bag, so off I headed to the mall...

I was on my way to Bently but had to pass The Boutique of Leather so I just popped in on the way and found this fantastic treasure.

(Click on it to zoom in and see the detail - it's fantastic)

Yes it was my original intention to use it as an overnight bag, but I changed my mind. It will be my new purse. I love it that much. It's nice and leathery smelling and soft to the touch. It has some fantastic detailing: leather lacing for a hint of 'biker chick', green and red zippers for a hint of Italy (where I'm sure I will go one day). It's really quite divine.

I transferred everything over from my original purse. It all fit in one of the eight pockets. Now what? What do women carry in these things?

I literally wandered around the house seeking out things which I could put in my purse: pens, note pads, packs of kleenex, cans of pop, bottle opener, heck I could fit the bottle of wine and a change of shoes in there. I could smuggle someone into a concert in this thing. It's crazy.

And I still need to buy an overnight bag...


jean said…
Very nice..you could almost put a quilt in there..a little one anyway! lol
carmenrose said…
Love it! Looks like the perfect mini-laptop size...

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