Friday, October 2, 2009

A is for Aaron. B is for book (and blog). C is for cancer.

I knew the blog would suffer once I started writing my book. But I am up to about 7000 words now.

Besides the book, I have been sidetracked in the last couple of weeks with the death of a long time friend, Aaron Taylor. Even my book has been put aside this past week as I collected and scanned photos and listened to every sad song available on the internet as I pull together a slideshow for the memorial service to be held tomorrow (Oct 3). Maybe I'll post it after the service.

I also designed memorial cards and printed off 400 copies. I am wondering if that will be enough. The Prince George Citizen did a nice write-up about Aaron and invited all to attend the service. It's always a tricky guessing game when planning a funeral because there is no guest list and no means of RSVP. I hate it when you run out of cards I always feel like I cheaped out and didn't print enough. But then I don't like having hundreds left over neither cuz it feels like not enough people cared to come out. Ah yes, the dilemmas of being a graphic designer.

Unlike the other three funerals I had this summer, I do not have to worry about food and the feeding of the five-thousand this time. So that's a bit of a relief. Although I must admit I'm a little more comfortable working with a kitchen than a sound booth. But it's not all about me.

And whatever my role, I am honoured to be a part of the healing process for those left behind.

Rest in peace Aaron.
.... damn cancer.

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Dorothy said...

Aaron my friend each every day I have a thought about you because of Cloe she keeps me in check.OOPS I mean Larry

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