Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free continental breakfast on Sunday morning.

Most Sundays Jay comes to church with me. I also pick up Nissa and her two kids. We have gone back to having two Sunday morning services after a break over the summer. I opt for the early service. This makes for a pretty early morning for me, but it sure is nice being home from church by 11 o'clock.

Last Sunday when I arrived at Nissa's door to pick her up it was obvious they had slept in and there was no way she was going to have 2 kids ready for early church.

"Oh, but just hang on. I baked for you." Nissa said to me as she ran to the kitchen and got a nice pan of cranberry pumpkin squares. I thanked her and headed off to church with Jay as my only passenger.

I had a cup of coffee with me and the squares smelled delicious. And I hadn't had breakfast. So I sat in the car when I arrived at church and snarfed back a piece or two with my coffee before going inside. Mmmm, they were indeed delicious.

We got inside and I took my usual back row seat, with Jay settling in a row or two in front of me. I was chatting with a friend before the service started when Jay turned around, gleefully held up a notice that was in the bulletin, and started laughing. Uncontrollably. So much so that he had to get up and leave.

I flipped open my bulletin ... and sure enough, there in large font was an announcement for the youth group fundraiser of a bake sale happening after the service.



jean said...

how funny..I'm still giggling!

mari said...

oh ha ha! Did you pay double then? lol

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