Being practical minded...

I spoke with my surgeon's receptionist today. She suspects my surgery date will either be August 6th or 10th ... either of these would be perfect, just perfect. This will be after our big brouhaha on the long weekend at Vivian Lake, yet leave me fairly recovered, but still off work, by the time we board the houseboat on September 21. And I'll be back to work by the time one of the other girls goes off for mat-leave in October. Good news all around.

But before I can go spend a few days in the hospital, of course I need new pjs, robe and slippers. And so my quest in the mall began...

Being practical minded I decided my robe should be short and not too heavy. This will be easier to slip on while sitting on the edge of a bed hunched over an incision. And I don't want one that's too thick because I anticipate that hot flashes are sure to follow eventually and I'll get more use out of something not too toasty.

I found myself looking at things that zip or button. Many lightweight robes are made of that bumpy seersucker fabric with little flowers on them. I actually had one in my hand when I was suddenly hit with the shockingly harsh realization: WTF!! I have become an old person!!

I rebelled and came home with a T-shirt I can wander around in without a geeky-old-person robe. And if you happen to visit me in the hospital and you see my bare butt hangin' out, don't tell me, just shake your head and forgive me - I'm an old person in denial.


mari said…
and your set up for Vivian lake attire too!!

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